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SMART HR provides Supervisory and Management Trainings designed to develop the skill sets of new, as well as seasoned, members of management. Below is a brief description of some of the trainings currently being offered. To learn more, click on the title.

Management Trainings

Conducting an interview is much more complicated today than in the past! Asking what may seem like a harmless, innocent question can entangle you in a lawsuit! If you are responsible for conducting interviews and/or making hiring decisions, you will not want to miss this training! Participants will learn how to avoid legal pitfalls during the interview process, as well as, how to develop questions based on behavioral interviewing techniques. These techniques are designed to identify those individuals who do, and DO NOT possess the necessary skill sets to be successful in the position.

The skills necessary for a Manager/Supervisor are quite different than those of a salesperson, technician, administrator, etc., and are NOT inherent. Too often, when a position becomes available, companies, in an attempt to promote from within, will simply promote their highest performing salesperson, technician, administrator, etc., without providing the necessary training and/or skill sets to be successful in the new position. This training is designed to help individuals develop those skill sets vital to becoming a successful Supervisor or Manager.

In today's environment, it is more important than ever to be aware of the legal ramifications involved in your day to day business operations. A general overview of various employment related laws will be presented and discussed, including identifying who is required to comply with the law and what penalties exist for non-compliance.

Interviewing Successfully  One Day

Human Resources Basics   Two Days

Skill Sets for the New Manager/Supervisor   Two Days

Accountability   One Day

As a Supervisor or Manager do you struggle to get your team members to meet assigned deadlines? Do you find yourself spending more time defending your staff, as opposed to holding them accountable for their actions - or lack of actions? Do you hesitate to address issues thinking (hoping) that the issue will eventually resolve itself? Are you uncomfortable confronting poor performance or inappropriate behavior? If these statements sound familiar, this is a training you will definitely want to attend!