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This training is designed to educate the participants on some of the most important federal employment related laws. The laws covered include those concerning overtime compensation requirements, areas concerning discrimination, required medical leave, required medical continuation coverage after employment, legal obligations for running a background check, etc.. If you are a Supervisor, Manager, or Business Owner this information is invaluable!

Management Trainings

During this two day training, participants will:

Human Resources Basics

Learn the basics of FLSA, FMLA, ADEA, ADA, Title VII,

Learn who must comply with the law;

Learn which laws allow for personal liability to be assessed to a Manager/Supervisor;

Learn if there are any exceptions to the law and whether you qualify for that exception.

Learn what each law really says;

COBRA, USERRA, Executive Order 11246, and The Fair Credit Reporting Act;

Learn what the law really means;

Learn who must comply with the law;

Learn the consequences for non-compliance;

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