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Deborah A. Twigg, SPHR

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SMART HR promotes a compensation structure which is standardized, fair and consistent throughout an organization. We believe in creating salary systems that display internal equity within the organization, are competitive in the external market place and are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) guidelines.

These standards are met by adhering to the following process:


Creating standardization of all current job descriptions, including the identification of the  appropriate FLSA status.

Comparison of all positions, using market surveys (both local and national) providing for external consistency.

Developing a salary grade system for executive, exempt and non-exempt positions based on the above mentioned compensable factors and market surveys.

Providing a blue print for necessary training to build the next generation of the management team, in conjunction with an established Leadership Development Program.

Identifying and developing compensable factors based on the corporate values and culture, including factor levels and weightings, to provide for internal consistency.